Workshops & Retreats

Master's Retreats


The dates for these will be established in the near future.

To book, or if you would simply like to know more, then please drop us a line at

When booking, please e-mail us (a) your full name, (b) student number, (c) year of study, (d) School/Subject discipline and (e) specify the Retreat that you wish to attend

You can book for a Reading Retreat or a Writing Retreat or both




Missed a workshop?  

If you've missed a workshop, or can't make the date, then why not get your own Small Group together?  Let us know who you are, what you want and a range of times you are available, and we'll try to organise one that is specially tailor-made for you and your friends.

Alternatively, if you have an idea for a workshop that we haven't advertised, let us know of your suggestion and we'll do our best to take it up and devise a new workshop on it.

In the late Spring and the Summer term, we shall be running our highly successful full-day retreats on planning, reading and writing for Master's students.


If you're a PhD student, this page will give you information on the help we provide all year round.