Reading Incubator


- and learn how to integrate your sources!

How tough do you find it to keep up with your reading?  How much do you struggle to maintain your concentration?  Our Reading Incubator aims to help you process your source material and read critically. We help you to set your goal for what is achievable in 45 minutes' reading and we are on hand to facilitate so that you can become a more effective reader.

What's more, we'll help you to refer to your reading material properly in your essays or dissertation.


Every Wednesday, from 13:00 to 14:00. The session starts very promptly, so please try not to arrive late. If you have a problem getting there on time because of a lecture, then please contact us at the address below.

For how long?

Each session lasts an hour and you can come for one or for both sessions.


The Incubator will be either in Room 2 or Room 3 (next door), First Floor West, Mile End Library.  

What do I bring?

Bring your laptop, notebook and reading material.

What happens?

A Learning Development tutor will talk to the group and help you to set some realistic goals within the time you are with us.  Alternatively, you may set your goals with a fellow student. You will then have approx 45 mins to do your reading or writing. At the end of this time the tutor will help you to see if you've achieved your goal. If you find you are having trouble with your reading, the tutor will be on hand for you to talk to throughout your time in the Reading Incubator.  We are always happy to answer your questions.

The difference between the Incubator and any other kind of workspace is that in the Incubator, we help you set SMART targets for your work and this really helps to get it done!

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed

If you'd like to come, but can't manage the time, please e-mail us at, stating times/days that are more convenient for you.  Then, if we get enough requests, we'll see if we can run extra sessions.

We are here to help!