Posters in Parliament 2019

Posters in Parliament (PiP) 2019

As a pre-cursor to the British Conference for Undergraduate Research (BCUR), Posters in Parliament gives students the opportunity to present their undergraduate research in the form of a poster in an exhibition at Westminster. It allows policy-makers a chance to see some of the innovative research taking place at universities across the country, and gives students the opportunity to talk about their work to non-academics.

This year Emma Elliott and Edward Lau from the School of Medicine and Dentistry were QMUL’s chosen representatives at Posters in Parliament. On 7th March they joined over 50 other undergraduates to exhibit their research in the Houses of Parliament. First the students were invited to take part in a workshop to introduce them to the workings of Parliament, including understanding how select committees make decisions and how research can impact these deliberations. This was followed by two poster sessions where Emma and Edward took it in turns to present their work and to look at the research conducted by other undergraduate students at the event. Indeed, one of the most useful aspects noted by Emma was the chance to network and talk to other students who were doing related research to hers.

Following the poster sessions there was a short reception for the students during which Emma’s work was awarded a high commendation for its quality!

If you’d like to know more about Posters in Parliament you can take a look here, or email Heather Campbell or Ana Baptista at