PhD Writing Development

PhD Writing Development

As well as one-to-one tutorials which are open PhD students, we have devised a range of activities tailored to the different phases and stages of putting together a successful PhD thesis. This programme is run by our Thinking Writing team. For further details of what's coming up click here.


Whole day or two day events which give participants a chance to make progress on large research projects and offer strategies to help with problems around writing and reading research. They are structured around a combination of discussion, short writing activities and longer blocks of writing, and offer optional consultations with an advisor. Supportive and convivial, they are ideal for writers at all stages of their PhD. We also offer informal half day retreats and dedicated bookable spaces to retreat for participants who have enjoyed and want to continue working in this way.


Similar to retreats, but with some time devoted to teaching particular strategies suitable for a particular stage or aspect of putting together a thesis – for example, negotiating the research literature, reviewing or editing a draft.

Thesis Bootcamps

Intensive one and a half or two and a half day schedules designed to help PhD candidates get over the final hurdle of writing up, or to kick-start their writing progress if it has stalled. Dedicated solely to getting words down, this is a challenging but rewarding weekend designed to help you make tangible progress with your writing.

Regular Writing Groups

For those who have experienced our retreats and want a regular space to write, we organise regular writing groups. Participants set a goal for the 5 or 10 week session, and commit to coming for a two hour slot every week. We offer gentle facilitation, minimal discussion, and some methods for developing writing over the time frame.