QResearchers is a paid undergraduate research scheme for selected undergraduate students at any point of their year of study outside the regular curriculum. The main goals of the scheme are to raise students’ potential interest in postgraduate study, develop and enhance disciplinary-specific, transferable and employability skills, and enrich the students’ overall experience of higher education. In 2014-15, 21 undergraduate students were involved in 8 projects: 7 during term time, and 1 in the summer.

 2014-15 Projects:

- SCALE – Source Code Analysis at Large Scale

- Automata Theory Over Infinite Alphabets

- The Calibration in Periodontal Measurements

- Church and Synagogue in Medieval Europe

- History of Modern Biomedicine

- Empire, Consumption and Domestic

- Material Culture in London, c. 1600-1800

- Smart Queue Management via Empirical Studies

- History of Punishment

Final report

Learning Development at QMUL designed and carried out the evaluation process of the QResearchers’ project, with a view to clarifying its outcomes and benefits, and making recommendations for continued institutional support and embedding. Thus, in this report you are expected to find the main results from the evaluation, which are presented under three main topics: Undergraduate Project, Supervisory Process and Benefits. This report draws significantly on the perspectives shared by undergraduate students in semi-structured interviews, and by lead academics in written reports.

The report is particularly aimed at staff with managerial and policy roles and responsibilities for teaching, learning, student experience and research, at Institutional, Faculty and School levels. The results indicate the benefits of QResearchers for undergraduates, academics and the institution, and show them to be in line with the literature in the field. Recommendations for continued institutional support and embedding are also presented.

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Throughout the evaluation process and after, results from the evaluation process of the QResearchers have been disseminated within the academic community with the intention of sharing practices, getting feedback and contributing to discussions around undergraduate research.

At the British Conference for Undergraduate Research 2015

Baptista, A., & Mitchell, S. (2015),  Workshop - Why engage undergraduates in research projects? Reflections on the (expected) learning gains of students and academics. British Conference of Undergraduate Research 2015,  20-21 April. University of Winchester, Winchester, UK.


Workshop PowerPoint

At the International Conference on Research into Higher Education - SRHE Annual Research Conference 2015

Baptista, A. (2015), Engagement of Undergraduates in Research Projects: Perceived benefits for students, academics and the HE institution. In SRHE Annual Research Conference 2015, 9-11 December. Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales, UK.

Short Paper

Oral Presentation PowerPoint

Higher Education Conference 2015

Baptista, A. (2015), Undergraduate Students’ Conceptions of Research. To be presented in the Higher Education Conference 2015,13-15 July) . Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Short Paper


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