About Learning Development

Learning Development is part of Academic Development, with the Student and Academic Services Directorate, and includes the work of Thinking Writing (separate site). In Learning Development we are committed to understanding the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students in relation to their academic study. We are also committed to understanding more about the needs of academic departments in terms of the teaching and learning issues they face in their disciplines. 

We aim to offer students practical guidance in developing insights and practices that will contribute to their success whilst at Queen Mary. We do so by working with students on an individual basis and in small and larger groups, and by collaborating with academic teachers to improve design and practice in modules and programmes so that students are exposed to more effective and more engaging opportunities to become successful  - in their disciplines and in their subsequent lives.
We are committed to widening participation in higher education and to supporting Queen Mary's efforts towards retention and success for all students. We strive towards a joined-up approach to student well-being through close communication with the Library, Advice and Counselling, Disability and Dyslexia, the Language Centre, the Student Union, and other teams within Academic Development.

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