Dr Jim Donohue


020 7882 2834

Jim has taught and researched English language for academic and workplace purposes for 20 years, in the UK, Netherlands, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He came to Queen Mary in November 2014 from The Open University where he was Head of OpenELT, the OU’s English Language Teaching Unit. He is particularly interested in the relationship between language and learning and how our use of language develops as we encounter new situations in life.

He has co-authored two books on this: Exploring English Grammar: From Formal to Functional (2009), with Caroline Coffin and Sarah North, and A Language as Social Semiotic-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (2014), with Caroline Coffin.


Current Work

Whole Programme Approach to Writing Development in EECS is a practice-oriented investigation of writing in relation to teaching, learning, assessment and employability in EECS. The current focus is on mapping assessment and feedback practices and identifying a trajectory of writing development from 1st to 3rd Year of programmes.

Whole Programme Approach to Writing Development in SEMS is a writing development project focused on laboratory based teaching and learning and associated writing in the Mechanical Engineering Programme. This brings into focus a wide range of facets of the SEMS Mechanical Engineering teaching and learning environment.