Exam & Revision Drop-ins

Please note, between 10th December and 15th Jan drop-ins will focus on exams & revision

If you would like help on a different aspect of your work, please book a tutorial



Tuesdays, 2 - 4pm, beginning 10th December 2019

You do not need an appointment, just come along with your questions.


Room LD 3, First Floor, Mile End Library

How long do I have?

This entirely depends on the help you need and how many other students are waiting. If we think you could do with seeing us for longer than 15 minutes we will recommend that you book a tutorial. 

How can I make the most of the session?

Come with a specific question about your work. Drop-ins are particularly useful for:

  • advice on how to make a revision timetable
  • time management in exams
  • making the most of your revision time
  • discussing a practice paper

We hope to see you soon!