Portfolio of Student projects

The table below outlines 20 Students as Producers projects created by students
at Queen Mary University of London.


School of Medicine and Dentistry

Institute of Dentistry
Ben Roberts
Dr Chan

Exploring a Radiograph

Uses augmented reality, enabling the user to access related graphics videos and texts.

Demonstration video: http://bit.ly/auglearning

School of Medicine
Student Selected Component + Student Society

Dr Dane Goodsman

Leadership and Management Alex, Bill, Richard (4th year) and Calan (3rd year) - Co-curricular Development: Student Selected Component as well as creating Barts and The London Leadership and Management Society

Link to Student Society: http://bit.ly/societylmm

School of Medicine

Relevant to all QM Medical students

Wiki Barts
Milo developed this Barts medical wiki that can be populated by student generated revision and explanation content.

Link to wiki: http://bit.ly/wikibartswiki

Institute of Dentistry

BDS - Basic Clinical Sciences

Dr Walter Wieczorek

Parkinsons Drug Mechanisms

Pushpa (1st year) Parkinson revision video.

Animated video link: http://bit.ly/parkdrugmech

Institute of Dentistry

BDS - Basic Clinical Sciences

Dr Walter Wieczorek

Asad (1st year) created Oral biology revision/recap resources - screencast videos and PDFs.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

Languages Linguistics and Film

HSP271 Spanish ll Intensive (Year 2)

Dr Mar Encinas-Puente

Spanish Grammar
Jasmine and Lauren created a video focused on explaining an aspect of Spanish grammar
Video resource: http://bit.ly/spanishgram

School of Geography

GEG4204 - Fieldwork in Physical Geography & Environmental Science
Dr David Horne

Geocaching in the Cairngorms Josh and Tom set up 6 geocaches up for first year field trip students

This was an activity rather than a tangible resource. Link to student reflection video: http://bit.ly/fieldtripcache

School of English and Drama

ESH102 - Reading Theory and Interpretation

Dr Molly McDonald

Understanding Bathes
Scott (Year 1 ) created a text based resource to support students understanding of the Barthes text - Death of the Author

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
ECS402U - Professional and research themes (Year 1)

Teamworking and Production

Based on the quality of their project work - a video that explained a technical subject to a non technical audience, these students were commissioned to create a ‘how-to’ video on how to create a successful project.  
Video resource: http://vimeo.com/74817197

As above

Teamworking and Production

Description as above
Video resource:

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
ECS401U - Procedural Programming (Year 1)

Prof  Paul Curzon

Big Brother Video Booth
PHD student, Nicola invited students to explain to camera a principle of programming that they have just mastered
Big brother video example:

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
ECS510U - Algorithms and Data Structures in an Object-Oriented Framework (Year 2)

Dr Matthew Huntbach

Searchable Lecture Notes
Two second year students - Joana and Ben turned Matthew Huntbach’s HTML formated lecturer notes into searchable QMplus Book and Glossary. Link to module page with resources: http://bit.ly/ecs510u

School of Physics

Relevant to all Physics modules
Dr Theo Kreouzis

Physics Glossary
Emma (Year 1) created a glossary in QMplus (Moodle) with a word of the day (Random glossary entry block). Created over the summer

Link to module page with resources: http://bit.ly/phyglossary

Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Part of the Primary School Outreach Program

Prof  Paul Curzon

A Little Bit of Computer Science for Fun

Jonathan (Year 4) and Muntaha (Year 2)  published articles that appeared on the  A Little Bit of Computer Science for Fun website. This is aimed at primary school children and managed by Prof Paul Curzon.
Link to website: http://bit.ly/abitofcs4fn

School of Engineering and Materials Science

MAT313 - Polymers

Prof Ton Peijs

MAT313 Exam Checklist
Imtiyaz created a text based revision checklist  for MAT313 students

School of Engineering and Materials Science

Numerous modules including DEN5108 - Dynamic Models of Engineering Systems

Dr Henri Huijberts

DEN5108 years 1-2 bridging resource
Wesleigh (Year 2) and Deniz (Year 1) worked with Dr Henri Huijberts and produced an interactive PowerPoint to support undergraduates going from Y1 to Y2. Download as a Zip file: http://bit.ly/1KGTOTg

Engineering and Materials Science

All School of Engineering and Materials Science students

Dr Martin Knight

What can I do with my Engineering and Material Science Degree?

SEMS graduate employability. Aisha (MA) Kaoutar (Year 3) interview Jamila, a QMUL SEMs graduate working in industry. Video link: http://youtu.be/MNDIhuTgWt8

Foundation Program

SEF001 - Mathematics 1

Dr Fuad Shareff

Okiki, Adi, Tasmin and Al created 13 short 5 minute screencasts on integration and differentiation .

Integration link: Resource1
Differentiation link: Resource2

Additional project information

Navigation, orientation and problem solving - Geocaching in the Cairngorms

Geocaching can be compared to a traditional treasure hunt, but using GPS or OS coordinates. The ability to navigate, observe and record perfectly compliments Dr David Horne’s requirements for the first year geography field trip students. At least initially, some students find the use of paper-based maps to be uninspiring. Two second year geography students - Tom and Josh - felt that geocaching would be an engaging alternative to traditional approaches and placed 7 geocaches in a specific area of the Cairngorms for first year students to locate.

Barts Leadership and Management in Medicine society

Having requested funding to attend a medical conference, Bill, Rich, Calan and Alex have created a student society - Barts Leadership and Management in Medicine. They have just arranged their second meeting where a guest speaker is invited to talk about issues around leadership and Management in the NHS. Speakers include Prof Aidan and Jan Sobieraj - Managing Director of the NHS Leadership Academy. In addition to this they have secured free places on numerous training events including: a 2-day Introductory briefing course at NHS Staff College, 5 free places on a British Airways’ Cockpit Resource Management / Human Factors course, a return visit to BP for 10 members and 5 places on the Great Ormond Street Children’s’ Hospital 'Enabling Doctors to do Quality Improvement' Project. Links: Barts Leadership and Management in Medicine society: http://www.qmsu.org/groups/blmedicalleadership/. Facebook page: http://goo.gl/HSPhJP. All of this work contributes to the group's SSC (Specially Selected Component) in SMD, a unit of study which they are able to put together themselves and receive assessment credit for. Poster submission to the NHS Leadership Meeting: On the 3rd of March, Alex Byrne (4th year medical student), Bill Kawai-Calderhead (4th year medical student), Richard Jefferies (4th year medical student) and Calan Jones (3rd year medical student) submitted a poster to the NHS Leadership Meeting. The poster highlights the need for addressing leadership and management within the NHS. It proposes ways in which current medical students who are tomorrow’s doctors to become today’s leaders. NHS change day 2014 poster.pdf