Heather Campbell


020 7882 3778

Heather is currently seconded to the coordinating role of Learning Development's Writing and Study Guidance team. She is responsible for much of the team's student-facing work, including one-to-one tutorials, workshops and retreats.

She completed her PhD in History at QMUL in 2014. She has worked as a Teaching Assistant in the School of History and, more recently, as an Information Assistant in QMUL’s Careers & Enterprise Centre, where she helped students to access information about their employment options. During her PhD studies she created Winning Words, a writing competition to encourage other PhD students to write about their research for a non-academic audience. Her interests lie in history, foreign policy and writing, particularly writing for different audiences. Her PhD thesis explored Britain’s reaction to the influence of Bolshevism, Islamism and Nationalism on imperial interests in Afghanistan and Iran after the First World War.